At Centers for Pain Control and Vein Care we are committed to identifying and treating the source of your symptoms or cosmetic concerns. With locations throughout northwest Indiana, specially trained providers, and a large staff we hope we can provide you with the resource you’re looking for. See below for more information about this disease, its treatment and events that might be helpful to you.


Your veins carry blood from your legs back to your heart. But many things can cause them to have problems. This can decrease your quality of life by causing uncomfortable legs and cosmetic changes. This can include aching, restless leg syndrome, pain, spider veins and many more.


We will work with you to find the best options from simple lifestyle changes to complete treatment. Our team of specialists use cutting-edge technology to provide the absolute best vein care without surgery. We’re happy to discuss these options with you in clinic.

For Providers

We’re committed to serving as a resource for the local medical community. Venous disease is a highly prevalent problem and we want to provide tools to you, as a local clinician, so you’re comfortable managing this problem. And so you can rely on us to help address your patients’ needs!

Events Calendar

We have many events throughout the community so you can come and get a free ultrasound or learn about vein disease. Check out our calendar and contact us if you have any questions