Our Mission

We are committed to promoting a better understanding of venous disease within our community and offering comprehensive, full time venous care. We want local providers to feel comfortable reaching out to us for help managing venous disease. If you ever need to speak with a physician directly, just call and let us know.

For patients, we provide numerous screening events and public talks to educate them about the disease and treatment options. We also have a section on our website to provide patients with information about the disease and treatment options.

About Venous Disease

Venous reflux in the superficial saphenous veins of the lower extremities is caused by degeneration of valves allowing blood to flow backward leading to an inflammatory process.

This can cause several problems for patients. Most importantly, it can cause significant symptoms, some of which include cramping, aching, restless leg like complaints, and heaviness. When more severe, it can lead to stasis ulcers, stasis dermatitis, and chronic cellulitis.

Reflux can also cause varicose veins and spider veins which themselves can be symptomatic as well as an unsightly concern for some patients.

About Venous Treatment

We start with conservative treatment centered around compression stockings that collapses veins and decreases reflux, thereby decreasing the downstream sequelae.

Interventional treatment is appropriate for patients who don’t respond to conservative treatment. It is centered on closing or destroying refluxing/pathologic veins. The primary treatment is a venous ablation: This entails ultrasound guided vascular access of the distal portion of the saphenous vein, threading of a radiofrequency ablation catheter, tumescent anesthesia, and lastly thermal closure of the vein.

All our procedures are done in an accredited outpatient surgical center under conscious sedation, allowing for patient comfort but quick recovery. Patients are on their feet within 15 minutes of finishing the procedure and are able to walk out of our facilities, which is important for their recovery.

Our Facilities

We have 6 locations and accept all insurance, so just call or fax us a referralWe will see the patient, do ultrasounds in-house with specially trained techs, and manage their vein care so you can focus on their other issues. Throughout their time with us we will send you notes so you can stay up to date.